automatic or manual?

pexels-photo-269334.jpegWe have cars for a reason to move us from point A to point B. But there is the issue of transmission. Most of car dealers today are stacking their inventory with automatic transmissions and few manual or rather stick shift transmissions. personally i think that manual transmissions is at the very epitome of driving since you learn a lot rather than automatic which is like getting a shortcut.

Don’t get me wrong, i have driven a few auto cars and my experience has been awesome. but look at it this way, knowing how to drive both transmissions can enable you fit in any car rather than limiting you with only automatic.pexels-photo-100647.jpeg

Automatic vehicles, in my perspective, if it encounters normal problems drivers faces on the road, then one is likely to get very stranded. I’m not against automatic transmissions, i’m just asking car manufacturers and relevant authorities to at least ask drivers to learn them both. that’s just me



chronicle of a #brokeassdude!!


this is where my life has reached. living from hand to mouth, with no definite possibility of what tomorrow holds. Valentine’s day is beckoning and I’m seriously avoiding putting ideas into my “girlfriend’s” head for fear she will see right through me that I’m just another broke ass dude, pardon my french.

I’m trying everything now just to make ends meet. you know doing an assignment for those lazy students abroad, not that I’m criticising them or anything because their laziness is making my pay pal account fat. I love watching movies but that doesn’t put money in my pocket, therefore, brings more harm. Wish one of those Hollywood moguls could come up with a way to make publicity off that and give us money in turn.

but I’m getting way off track here, here I am thrown off my apartment with nothing but the only clothes in my back as some of my other belonging are being held by the landlord for failure to pay my arrears. I might be crashing at a friends now but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to pull my weight around and help with the household day to day chores. but that is also hard when you are a broke ass dude.


why not ask my parent, you might ask? Well, she happens to believe that a 23-year-old guy is old enough to go out into the world and fend for himself and learn how to hustle. I agree but there is another side of the coin she doesn’t know. I didn’t even know about it until my brother pointed it out to me. he said there we two types of  kids parents raised. the first were those parents who raised their children very strictly that even if they are found trying to hustle some jobs here or there it will be chaos. so the children learn to depend on the parents, such that every small problem will result to the child calling the parent for money, therefore his or her budget will have to be counted under the parents overall budget.

others their parents are upfront with them and try to guide them to be independent people in the future thus tend to start small and by the time they leave the nest they can comfortably take care of themselves. jobs are hard to find, and that being said, its hard for graduates to find jobs and for those who don’t know how to fend for themselves end up being in the same boat as me.

just wish there was a detailed handbook on this to dissuade others from following the same path. as I ponder on what to do next, think about this!!



looking for $$$ in Kenya being an undergraduate student


Sometimes when I’m broke, I just wish I was broke in the United States of America. here in Kenya, if you don’t have papers you can’t have work. before you guys start arguing, I’m not talking of after graduation but rather after high school and before college graduation.

a student, for example, has just cleared high school and is awaiting university, He or she won’t be eligible for work. and if they do, it will be those that pay almost ksh133 a day, that’s ksh 4000 a month (40 dollars a month).pexels-photo-220357.jpeg

I just wish I would wake up one day in a body of an American and live that life for a day. maybe that might change my view, or not. that’s why here in Kenya, almost every undergrad student subscribes to online betting, and other forms of online money generation like online academic writing to supplement meager upkeep money being sent from the parent.

we are trying to become people in future, but this is making it hard for the foundation. we are at an age where we have to leave the nest. so my prayer is an opportunity for my entire generation to be able to be sufficient and that will propel us forward.pexels-photo-267559.jpeg

yours truly

Allan mars